Rebecca A. Powers, MD, MPH Psychiatrist

Dr. Powers is a double board certified Psychiatrist in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and General Psychiatry. She has 23 years experience in treating patients with compassion and a vast knowledge of treatment modalities and referral contacts. Dr. Powers is on the adjunct clinical faculty at Stanford University Medical Center and teaches Child Psychiatry Fellows and Adult Psychiatry Residents.
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"My philosophy is to treat patients in a wholistic manner. My goal is to get people well and keep them well. I look at the whole person and not just a compilation of symptoms that create a diagnosis. I believe in attending to the physical, mental, genetic, social, lifestyle, environmental, and spiritual aspects of each person. 

While keeping these critical factors in mind, it is also important to tend to each person as a unique individual, and it is imperative to focus and build on each of their strengths above any kind of symptom complex." ​