Rebecca A. Powers, MD, MPH Psychiatrist

In 1995, Dr. Powers received the Presidential Scholar Award from The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. This was a national award given for recognition in clinical, research, and public policy based on experience she had as a Forensic Expert for a Residential Therapy Center and the Community in Oakland, CA. 

Dr. Powers has also received other major awards as a Psychiatrist. 

The Department of Psychiatry at Loma Linda University honored her with the Benjamin Kovitz award in 1990 for "Outstanding Scholarship / Exemplary Interpersonal Skills and Dedication to the Task of Making Man Whole."  

Additionally, she received the Janssen Clinical Scholar Award from the US Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress in 1994 as well as the Patton State Hospital Award “In Recognition of Outstanding Service to Patients and Staff” for volunteer services there in 1993.